Yvan Monnet

With his experience and links to watchmaking and the world, Yvan MonneT offers a whole new approach to fine watchmaking. His collections are developed with his talent and his creative and ethical convictions, while ever mindful of the human aspects regarding both suppliers and clients.

A universe created on the collaborative spirit and the know-how.


The first pentagonal watch created by an artisan in Geneva

Its pentagonal shape, with aesthetics so skilfully finished that they merge with perfect curves, embodies what so many brands dream of having: a marked, unique and unmistakable identity touch.


A re-interpretation of the pentagon in an off-road version, as elegant as it is sportive and water-resistant to 200 metres, automatic mechanical movement with automatic winding and transparent sapphire back. An 80% made in Geneva and infinitely Swiss made production.

Galvanic dials with super-lunimova 3D appliques

Made for a modern life, the watch for the big days is wearable 365 days by year.

A production from Geneva

The external parts – cases, dials, hands and crowns – are entirely designed and produced in Geneva by companies renowned for their expertise.

The boxes and crowns are hand-finished in Geneva.

80% made in Geneva and infinitely swiss made

The magic of the mechanics

Our models are equipped with transparent backs that allow you to admire the swing of the balance wheel. This one represents the heart, which gives life to the finely decorated mechanism.

We only use Swiss precision movements.