About us

Yvan Monnet

This creative craftsman is the product of several decades of expertise in two of Geneva’s most prestigious watchmaking factories, where he discovered the subtleties of watch case design.
Initiated by master watchmakers and craftsmen of art with centuries-old know-how, he has actively participated in the design and production of exceptional models that have delighted discerning watch lovers.

The pentagon

A new shape for a wristwatch

The rounded pentagon, a rare form of elegance, has not yet been explored in watchmaking.
This harmonious shape, inspired by the hand’s five fingers, is a homage paid to the manual operations requisite to making a quality watch

A local production

Over 80% of the materials for our Mina watches are produced in Geneva by companies renowned for their expertise in manufacturing high-quality watchmaking parts

The concept of a case designed with disruptive geometry would have been difficult to develop without complete mastery of current CAD tools; machining that calls for agility and experience to produce small quantities of quality cases at an affordable price; the perfect movement and well-honed tools to guarantee a perfect finish and thus magnify the harmony of the design.